Greetings and welcome to the Lycaeum!

What you will find here

This blog features short articles on prominent thinkers of western philosophy moving in chronological order (i.e. Parmenides is featured before Aristotle and so on). These articles are not intended to be all-encompassing and cover areas of interest to me.

Links to older posts can be found in the articles themselves. Links forward to newer posts can be found via pingbacks in the comment section of each post.

It is good to remember that the work of a great thinker can never be fully captured in a few paragraphs (especially a pithy summary written by a lesser thinker).

As I am a novice all posts will reflect the acumen of a novice. Corrections and criticism are welcome.

About me

I am a thirty-something male with an amateur interest in philosophy. My formal qualifications are in chemistry, where I have been fortunate in my opportunities and achieved a Ph. D.

My sympathies and interests belong primarily to the Socratic philosophers. What is posted here can be thought of as a collection of notes that are published publicly so that I may be held accountable and hopefully improve the quality of my study.

Regarding comments

I will allow comments on an article provided that they are relevant and contain no vitriol – this will be decided at my discretion. Please do not waste your time, I will not think twice about holing your comment.



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